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Tant-Room  consists of two different soli, both connected to the theme of “happiness”.

Is it approachable or are we waiting for a God-ot?



(1) a sudden –angry- outburst

(2) anger - dander - fit - fury - miff - rage - scene


“Tantrum” builds on the so-called “synthetic” or “manufactured” happiness and its consequent, active or passive (or “active- passive”), states of being. Western, post-modern capitalism votes for happiness! You can buy happiness, control happiness, harness happiness, become happiness, or even savor the “taste-of-happiness”.

Self-evidently, transcendence is the ultimate goal. Namely, a semi-spiritual -or even “deified”-, transition from an inadequate self to a “supernatural”, full-of-positive-energy entity; a person, doomed to be happy. 


So, let’s get started! How do we get there?

Self-help books, do-it-alone recipes, deep-trance meditations, plastic surgeries (a.k.a. “confidence-surgeries”), eastern physical practices, stereotyped sexual role-models: The perfect guide to buying a new identity. Calorie-free and “on drugs”.

If so, what’s the shape of a flesh, that’s predestined to be happy? Do tailor-made bodies thrive? And if not, is it “mea culpa”? What if the universe does not conspire in everybody’s favor?....


Waiting room

Waiting alone in a room. The room you’re waiting in. The waiting-room.

In there, you can spend money or time to feel happy, healthy and alive! In there, you can choose a path, dismiss another, reflect back on the past years, or even forth; on the years to come. Is it sheer loneliness, or great expectations? Is it choice or fate?  Are we truly living our lives, or do we stay trapped in-between; in that, so-called, “waiting room”? Can we “borrow” happiness? Can we endure unhappiness? This game we play with ourselves, is it addictive?

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